About Crystal Mone'


Tiffany Clarke, a Jamaican-American designer from Rochester, NY, always knew she would have her hands in fashion. From very early on, she developed a strong love for design. While her siblings would be outside playing, you could most likely find Tiffany either in her bedroom watching BET and MTV to see the cool styles that her favorite artists were wearing, or sneaking through her mother's closet playing dress up. Her mom, Sandra Willis, who owned and ran a successful clothing store for over 15 years named, "Tiffany’s Fashion Boutique", was and still is a huge inspiration behind Crystal Mone'. As a child, Tiffany's mother would take her and her siblings on business trips to the city to purchase clothing for the boutique; Being able to see the many unique styles, prints, colors and silhouettes always excited Tiffany! When watching her mother get dressed to go out, and seeing the way she could transform when she put outfits together, it left Tiffany in awe every time. Tiffany knew one day she'd design and create the beautiful type of clothing that her mother sold, wore and turned heads in.

In 2011, Crystal Mone' was birthed. The designer set out to create clothing  that was going to make women feel bold, sophisticated, and strut unapologetically.  To this day, Crystal Mone' is heavily influenced by women like her mother, - who exude strength, beauty, and fearlessness - her Caribbean culture, and travel.

Beyond her design endeavors, and the world of Crystal Mone', Tiffany takes immense pride as a devoted mother to her beloved children, Tess'Anne & Aydrien.

The Crystal Mone' woman embraces her feminine edge, is not afraid to take risks, and is proud of where she came from & where she is going. While soft, and sensual, she is a true "Sophisticated Rude Gal" - that is not of a rude spirited person in any way, but of a woman who is strong willed, strong minded, and walks with her head held high.